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in mongolia. they discussed a number of outstanding issues, including the abduction of japanese nationals during the 1970s and '80s. delegates from japan and north korea ended a two-day meeting in mongolia's capital, ulan bator. one of the main items on their agenda was tokyo's request to solve the abductions issue. >> translator: we had a frank exchange of views on the abduction of japanese citizens. we agreed to continue examining and discussing this issue. based on the progress made so far and taking into account our respective positions. >> japan's envoy called for the return of japanese remains dating back to the evacuation of the korean peninsula around the end of world war ii. he also asked that japanese women who relocated to north korea with their spouses several decades ago be allowed to visit japan. north korean delegates said they were ready to cooperate on both issues. the two sides also agreed to discuss the north's nuclear and missile development programs. >>> earlier i spoke to tetuya endoh, who was in charge of japanese negotiations in north korea in the 1990s. please tel
will be on the table. he was talking to reporters in beijing on the way to the meeting in mongolia. >> translator: we are going to have bilateral talks with japan in mongolia on thursday. there is no knowing what will be discussed until we start it. >> the representatives of the two countries are to hold bureau chief level discussions in the capital ulan bator. lower level officials met in august in beijing, marking the first official sit-down between the two sides in four years. north korean officials recently allowed japanese families to visit the graves of relatives who died there around the end of world war ii. they have repeatedly said the abductions issue is resolved. north korea's state-run media has reported the two countries are to discuss how to improve ties. >>> satellite images show north korea may be pressing ahead with the development of long-range his ls. u.s. researchers at johns hopkins university say the country has conducted at least two tests of large rocket mortars since its failed launch in april. one satellite image shows the removal of fuel tanks and the appearance of exhaust
to reporters in beijing on the way to the meeting in mongolia. >> translator: we are going to have bilateral talks with japan in mongolia on thursday. there is no knowing what will be discussed until we start it. >> the representatives of the two countries are to hold bureau chief level discussions in the capital ulan ba tore. lower levels officials met for the first time in four years. north korean officials allowed japanese families to visit the graves of relatives who died there around the end of world war ii. they preetdly said the abductions issue is resolved. north korea state-run media has reported the two countries are to discuss how to improve ties. >>> microsoft has been trying to play catch-up to apple's world of back-to-back hits like the ipads. some are calling it quits and moving on. yonggi canning has the latest. >> it's interesting. we're seeing a series of departures at u.s. tech giants. last year we learned apple was losing scott for stall. now we're hearing from microsoft. microsoft announced its windows division chief has left the company. the announcement came as a total
in mongolia. analysts believe japan is pushing for the resolution of north korea's past abduction of japanese nationals. they began bilateral taulks on thursday. he was represented by the north korea official in charge of normalizing talks with japan. japan urged to take specific steps to address the abduction of japanese citizens during the 1970s and 1980s. >> translator: we discussed the sometimes difficult agenda in a sincere manner. there were frank discussions on a viearieties of issues. >> thealks a scheduled to continue on friday. >>> japan's space agency and a commercial machinery maker developed a camera. the device will help in the clean up of radioactive materials that leaked out. the cameras equipped with high radiation. it's shown on a monor i red, yellow and green. they each indicate different levels of contamination intensity. developers say the camera will help people working on decontamination and check the effectiveness of their work. the camera has a wide front view of 180 degrees. this is much wider, a much wider angle than what the other make verse already made and sold.
down to gather next week in mongolia's capital, ulan bator. dialogue between tokyo and pyongyang resumed in beijing in august for the first time in four years. japan will be represented by shinsuke sugiyama, who heads the foreign ministry's asian and oceanian affairs bureau. he will meet next thursday with song il-ho, the north korean official in charge with normalizing ties with japan. japan is urging north korea to take specific steps to address the abduction of japanese citizens during the 1970s and '80s. another likely topic on the agenda will be the return of japanese remains dating back to the evacuation of the korean peninsula around the end of world war ii. the japanese side also expects to discuss the temporary return of japanese women who chose to relocate to north korea with their spouses after the war. >>> japanese leaders are concerned about the increasing number of visits by chinese government ships to japan's waters in the east china sea. now the defense minister wants to review defense cooperation guidelines with the u.s. chinese ships started toy appear in japane
the consulate of mexico and (inaudible) from mongolia and the honorable barbara (inaudible), honorable consul from the swazi republic. i would also like to recognize the honorable senator mark lenos, honorable eric mar, supervisor, chen ceto of the foundation. >> we also have some guests from the president of san francisco state university, dr. leslie wong, dr. frank hong,ment of santa rosa junior college, and dr. lisa stevens, president of the academy of art university. in the 33 year history of the campus, classes have been housed in over 30 different locations. we are very happy and proud to finally have a permanent home and a beautiful modern facility to train the future generations of students. this has been a 40-year journey for the community. some of you have been with us from the start. today we join together the community, the faculty, the students, the staff, the business community and our neighbors and friends to start a new chapter in our history. we'd like to introduce john miso, president of our board of trustees. he has been with us for the last few years helping us with thi
mongolia, minus 10 for ulan bator, tokyo sees 18, with the temperature falling to 15 by thursday. shanghai already in the midteens. we have 25 in both hong kong and taipei. all right. let's see what's going on in across the americas. now, there's a low-pressure system pushing in across the west. this one is going to be bringing mountain snow, maybe up to about 30 centimeters in the upper elevations and about 10 down in the valleys. as for you in coastal locations, you'll be seeing rain. high pressure ahead of that until we run into this low and frontal system. now, it could be spreading a mix of rain and snow into quebec, maybe some freezing rain, as well, and along the front it's going to be rain showers down towards the gulf of mexico here. however, as that cooler air comes in, parts of pennsylvania as well as new york state, you could be seeing some light snow showers. after the system passes, however, high pressure will be moving in. temperatures should return to normal by midweek and should be staying nice and dry. plenty of sunshine for you through towards the weekend. before that ha
into northeastern china. it's got to move through mongolia first. that can be bringing some cooler temperatures in, as well. there's already been some snow in northwestern china that's been causing quite a problem. take a look at this video showing you what happened when those roads became slick on sunday with heavy snow, causing at least 46 vehicles to become damaged in a multicar pileup in the beijing tibet expressway. unfortunately, one person did die in this accident. another five were injured. following the accident, three people were trapped in the wreckage. local firefighters and nearby motorists helped to free them after a three-hour ordeal. now, it's still very cold in the region, but thankfully that snow has started to taper off now. heading back to our bigger picture, we'll be seeing pretty clear conditions for the rest of china, but down towards the south we've got this rain band maybe bringing about 50 millimeters of rain in some places so, fairly significant. some showers for western indochina as well as for the philippines. temperatures down here are going to be pretty comfortable,
coming out of mongolia. that's going to bring some near freezing temperatures into beijing, accompanied by some blowing snow, possibly in and across this area. you could be seeing blizzard-like conditions across northern portions of china, but good news, at least for the next several days in japan, some fair weather is expected. actually, in hokkaido, we've been watching the storm system. that's slowly starting to taper off, even into northern japan, also have this rough weather. i want to show you a video coming out of sendai here after some of these storms. that's one of these beautiful pieces of nature here. we had a rainbow coming across the sky. remember, sendai is one of those areas that was hit significantly by last year's tsunami, so i'm sure this was a welcome sign of relief after the storms today. but let's take a look at the temperatures across asia here, including tokyo, getting up into the high teens on our friday. look over towards the west, though, beijing with a high of 11. in ulan bator, not getting up to the freezing mark, minus 3 will be your high to start off your we
to be seeing heavy rain showers here as this storm system continues to push off. meanwhile, into mongolia, another storm system is pulling down from the north. this one won't bring potent weather impact as far as rain and snow, but the temperatures will be coming down. in ulan bator, minus 20 is going to be your low going into your thursday, at least for your high on your wednesday, minus 9. but this is going to be exceptionally cold off there towards the north. beijing getting up to 9 on wednesday. in the tropics, 30s across here, actually into the philippines, mindanao, you're seeing tropical weather as far as convective thunderstorm activity here. some very heavy rain showers in the past 24 hours, seen about 120 millimeters of rain. there still is the threat of flooding and landslides with that. definitely still want to watch out there. meanwhile, to the america, also seeing a very potent storm system to the pacific northwest. it's a very big travel weekend out across much of this area, thanksgiving on thursday here in the united states. but this is going to be causing all sorts of mes
means people from india get the same quota as people from ireland. china's the same as mongolia. >> in china and india don't they have a million people a year -- >> although that number, that engineer number's a little fuzzy because they can -- >> a lot of scientists that they have. you want the top .001% to come over here. >> which is still a huge number. >> which is still a huge number. but right now indians and chinese are the majority of the skilled immigrants that are coming here. their numbers are capped because of the 7% per country limit. it doesn't make sense. >> go ahead, john. >> obama, when he would speak at facebook or linkedin events this is one of the issues he would talk about but he would kind of dance around the topic because of the sensitivity of it. that's the frustration. >> i'm not happy with our president because he's been coming to silicon valley promising to take care of silicon valley and then he goes back home and says we need comprehensive immigration reform. in other words, give me all or nothing. unless we solve the problems of the unskilled you're
. also the kitchen of the house there was blood on the aluminum -- mongolia but it was so old but we could not do anything. the state did not do anything. case closed. >> host: reading your case there are a number of them maintained that think you did it in their strident about that and very convinced. that has 400 facebook likes. who likes that even if they think that you did it? what is in it for people? but average citizens to claim to the notion? >> parts of it is misinformation. it is not very accurate or chunks of informational of dow i dunno if it is ignorance or they are deliberately being manipulative with the evidence information. i don't know. i think they are crazy. i try not to worry about it after you have been but we have been through you develop a thick skin it takes a lot to bother you. >> host: what is the time line this will not be something you have to talk about day and/or day out? you will never be passed it emotionally but it will not just the about being put in jail? >> linney and jason and jesse are all three exonerated. and the people who did this are held r
-pacific economic cooperation initiative ambiguous negotiations, japan, mongolia and vietnam on important bilateral issues. in 1992-93, doctor solomon shoulda susan glasser to the philippines recorded the closure of the u.s. naval bases and the new framework bilateral and regional security cooperation. doctor solomon praises service director policy planning at the department of state and is a senior staff member of the national security council. he was award for state farm's foreign affairs award for public service and his receive torture policy initiatives and the governments of korea and thailand. in 2005 tuesday the american political science association's hubert h. humphrey career award for notable public service by a political scientist. dr. solomon started his career as a professor at the university of michigan and also served as the head of the political science department at the rand corporation. he holds a ph.d with a specialization in chinese policy from mit. to my far right is winston lord. winston lord serve as the assistant secretary of state from 1993-1997 for president bill clinton h
, the essentially traffic, 70%. limited to mongolia or burma they are detained and arrested. we have stories about people having wires but through their noses are years in order to have them sent back in mass. it is not something -- it's easy to get jaded, but it is just that bad. we can be your four hours, and nothing that points to not only a special responsibility, but also it so precious and we are so grateful that folks have taken on this issue because i can point out myself to my very likely would still be in chinese custody of folks like melanie and jay had not raise the alarm and continue to push on to even when many governments and other folks who were pressuring the not too. with an alibi to transition to questions, but think everybody who came out and bank money coming in particular, for writing this extraordinary book. [applause] >> thank you. we would like to open up the room for questions. if you have a question, please wait until you have the microphone. you can address your question to anyone in particular or just throw the question out and we will make sure it is fielded. if anyon
will ten with reports from china gas and mongolia investment. stay with us now because still to come on the show, we'll take a look at how columbian artist montoya is making a statement when money with money. >>> we have auction results from spain which has managed to raise more than it needed in an auction of treasury bills. 4.09 billion euros total. that's in t-bills with a range of i believe since months and three months. bid to cover is a little bit weaker on the three month. stronger on the six month. the yield on the three month coming in at 1.254%. and for the six month, about 1.7%. both of those a little bit of an improvement versus last tile around. you can see with the exception of the three year spanish bonds are rallying across the curve there, so the two year now pinned at just over 3%. the ten year at 5.6% and again spain raising more than expected or than at least it had planned in an auction of short term debt. fitch isle also out talking about how cat take loan i can't will need more central government liquidity support. the timing of course interesting given the rel
. the other interesting thing, secretary baker fell in love with mongolia, and maybe as a way of tweaking the chinese, he was traveling all around china when the relationship was frozen. in 1991, we were in ulan bator, trying to open this religious up in the circumstance where the soviet union had collapsed. word came up that saddam hussein had invaded kuwait. we hopped on a plan, breaking off with a promising with among goals. we flew to moscow where president bush was talking to soviet leaders, and i was then instructed to fly back to beijing and gain the support of the chinese for a security council resolutions supporting an intervention in support of kuwait. first class flights on aeroflot are something less than first class, but of all the traveling when you serve the region, it turned out to be very worthwhile. the real challenge of might time as assistant secretary was trying to salvage this relationship and looking back, 19 89, you could say was the end of the beginning, the beginning being the nixon break through, but tiananmen, having so seriously wounded the relationship, the l
that fiscal cliff. >>> senior diplomats from japan and north korea wrapped up a round of talks in mongolia and have reported some progress. the north koreans also say they're open to talking about their country's abductions of nationals. they don't seem to go farther until japan has a new government. negotiators held two days of level walking level talks. they agreed to repatriate -- in what's now known as north korea around the end of world war ii. they also agreed to deepen their discussions on north korea's nuclear and missile programs. the north koreans said they're open to talking about the country's abductions of japanese nationals in the 1970s and '80s. but they don't appear ready to start those talks until a new government comes to power in japan. north korean envoy said negotiators on both sides have spoken. they agreed to improve relations based on the declaration signed in 2002. the negotiators agreed to meet again as soon as possible. >>> a u.s. diplomatic official has weighed in on a territorial dispute between japan and china. she urged leaders to reconcile in the east china
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)